Statistical Branch of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) was formed out of the Statistical Section of Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) which was one of the four units that were merged in NCRB at the time of NCRB's creation. Thus, Statistical Branch of NCRB is one of the founding branches of NCRB.

The Branch is headed by Chief Statistical Officer (CSO) who is an STS level officer belonging to the Indian Statistical Service (ISS). The CSO is assisted by a Statistical Officer (SO), who is a JTS level officer of ISS, and a Junior Staff Officer (JSO), who is an officer belonging to the EDP cadre of NCRB. The SO and the JSO guide and supervise the teams of DPAs, DEOs and other officials working under them. The DPAs and DEOs belong to the EDP cadre of NCRB.

The Branch brings out three annual publications: (1) Crime in India, (2) Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India and (3) Prison Statistics India.. These publications are the principal source of information on concerned subjects. The data for 'Crime in India' and 'Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India' is collected from 35 States / UTs and mega-cities (cities having a population of 10 lakh or more as per the latest census). Currently, there are 35 mega-cities. The data of 'Prison Statistics India' is collected from 34 States / UTs, there being no prison in Arunachal Pradesh till 2009. The data received from each data-supplying centre is checked for completeness and inconsistency. The points requiring clarification in the data are conveyed to the concerned data-supplying centre and once all the clarifications are received, the data of that data-supplying centre is finalised. The all-India data is finalised after the data of all the data-supplying centres is finalised. The all-India tables are generated and the work of preparation of the report begins. After the completion of report-preparation work, the report is published. All the reports are made available on NCRB website also under "Publications" link. With a view to benefit the stakeholders, the Statistical Branch has, on its own initiative, digitised all the editions of these three reports, right from the initial years, and made them available under "Publications" link on NCRB website.

In addition to the collection and compilation of data and publication of the above-cited three reports, the Statistical Branch handles more than 300 Parliament Questions received from various Ministries every year. Further, the Branch handles numerous applications received under the Right to Information Act. The Branch provides data to other users - Ministries, researchers and NGOs.
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