Crime Records

गुमशुदा व अपहरित व्यक्तियों का विवरण / Missing & Kidnapped persons

ALL INDIA DIRECTORY (01/01/2014 TO 31/12/2014)

The main function of this Division is to collect, compile and disseminate information on Crime, Criminal, Missing persons and Property in respect of various offences on the basis of monthly returns from State / UT Police authorities.

Data stored is used for co-ordination of lost and recovered property/persons viz. Motor vehicles, Firearms and Missing Persons. These results are communicated through post / email to the various District SPs. Also the data bank is used to provide the vehicle verification report to the various Transport Authorities within Delhi.



The data pertaining to Talash is used to co-ordinate the persons Arrested, Wanted, Missing, Kidnapped, Escapees, Deserters, Unidentified persons and Unidentified dead bodies. In case of co-ordination, concerned authorities are informed accordingly.


Counterfeit Currency

Data on counterfeit currency, in circulation (recovered/seized) in the country is collected from all the 19 branches of RBI and the State/UT police authorities. Based on this data, replies are framed to be submitted to Parliament Questions and share with other agencies. 


Motor Vehicle Coordination System

In its endeavor to provide prompt, efficient, reliable and quality services in real-time mode to all stakeholders, National Crime Records Bureau has unleashed its  Motor Vehicle Coordination e-service, named “Vahan Samanvay” in March 2014. Vahan Samanvay provides an excellent citizen centric interface where an individual verify the status of a motor vehicle (stolen or not) before negotiating for a pre-owned vehicle or recovery status of a stolen vehicle. The Vahan Samanvay System enables police to feed the particulars of a stolen/recovered vehicle online. Apart from police, RTOs (Regional Transport Office/Motor Vehicle Registration offices) and Insurance companies can also enquire about a vehicle in question. Since the Vahan Samanvay System works in a real-time environment, whenever the particulars of a motor vehicle is updated by a police office, it instantly become visible to all users; this feature not only beneficial for law enforcement agencies, but also provides a mechanism to put a check on the illegal transactions of stolen vehicles as the RTOs can also verify the status of a vehicle before transferring ownership.


The Vahan Samanvay System has data of 12,78,375 stolen/recovered motor vehicles as on 03/12/15, which is continuously growing. During period 1/1/2014 to 03/12/2015 data of 1,53,576 motor vehicles (stolen and recovered both) have been entered online by police of various States/UTs.  Similarly, particulars of 88,238 motor vehicles have been verified online by RTOs of different States/UTs during this period. The Vahan Samanvay System has received overwhelming response from general public and during this period a total of 15,08,454 queries have been fired by them. This service is provided free of cost. The motor vehicle enquiry service is also available through enquiry counters operated by NCRB at Delhi and at other locations in the country operated by various State/UT police organization against service fees.  During this period a total of 1,60,582 enquiries have been processed at these counters.


Portrait Building System

The NCRB has been assisting the Investigating Officers (IOs) of State/UT police, CBI and other agencies by preparing the portraits of the accused, based on the description given by the eyewitnesses, under the PBS (Portrait Building System). The portraits have been prepared even in some sensational cases which have yielded highly encouraging results. So far, the NCRB has prepared 3079 portraits. The facility is also available in all the State Crime Records Bureaux and District Crime Records Bureaux.